Leadership Services

It is vital that we inculcate leadership qualities in students from a young age, so that they grow up to be responsible, and active citizens around the world.

Leadership Workshops For Students

Our partnership with a Non-Profit Organisation, enables us to provide a 5-day world-class leadership workshop, that aims to develop the leader in every student, through the following stress areas:

Personality Development

This is an area that concerns self-evaluation, and understanding one’s strengths and flaws, to bring about positive changes in one’s personality. This is achieved by asking the student to study and research on questions like, “who am I?”, and then have them write an essay about the said topics.

Communication Skills

Today’s world runs on effective communication, and in a global economy, confidence in communication is key. The students are given the experience of attending mock interviews, so that they develop the ability to communicate under pressure. Public speaking exercises are conducted, where the students are asked to speak about the high points in their lives, thus developing confidence and fluency of communication in the students.

Mind-Management Programs

The students learn to improve their multi-tasking skills by undertaking various projects that will help them concentrate on focus and attention-oriented exercises.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Meditation and breathing exercises are taught, to help the students deal with stress that may arise due to a number of reasons, through the course of their lives.

Confidence Building Measures

Students are encouraged to give presentations on topics that they don’t find themselves confident in. Providing a friendly atmosphere, that makes the student feel safe enough to take the stage, and present their ideas.

Skills for Global Competitiveness

Students engage in time-constrained exercises which will be helpful for them to develop assertiveness by letting them promote products in the marketplace.

Critical Leadership Qualities

Relationship-building activities, networking activities etc are conducted to enhance the people-skill of the students. They are taught and encouraged to give moving, powerful speeches, which is a sign of a good leader.

Cultural Awareness Workshops

As globalisation reaches its peak, the need for global citizens, with pan-cultural awareness, is on the rise. The students are taught about great leaders from the past, and present. The qualities that made them someone to be looked up to. World problems are discussed in a forum, and students are encouraged to come up with creative solutions for the same.

Handling Group Dynamics

Students are engaged in group-activities, like solving puzzles. The groups are timed while solving similar puzzles, thus cultivating a healthy competition spirit, and better dynamics within the group

Self-Discovery Lessons

The students are asked to reflect on all their learnings through the workshop, and tips are given as to how they can incorporate their learnings in their daily lives, and how they can improve these qualities further.