HR Services For Schools

To ensure that our client’s needs are met as they hire administrators and educators, detailed background checks of all prospective employees are carried out, that incorporates all the necessary requirements of the client.

We have a logical understanding of the level of training and technical expertise that is essential to our clients in achieving their objectives.

Omnitrance is the only company in its industry that offers this type of service.

Federal background checks

Omnitrance also runs federal background checks on the potential hires of their clients, to add an element of security while making the decision to hire. A federal background check for employment will involve a search of criminal history files for records of an applicant’s possible criminal history. Criminal record searches are considered to be an important aspect of background checks, especially in the education industry, and thus, are highly sought out from us.

Omnitrance runs federal background checks by name and other identifiers of a prospective hire, and produces a report that includes any criminal case file, along with the file date, charges, disposition, disposition dates, and sentencing information of potential hires; all of which will be released to their clients.

Foreign degree credential evaluation

For a potential employee with an overseas degree, Omnitrance does an enquiry to verify the credentials of the degree that will equip the clients to make an informed decision about the hire.

Visa processing services

Omnitrance also helps their clients in the process of expedition of visas for their personnel. To help ease the client’s workload, we take up the responsibility of the entire process starting from the application to the end result along with timely updates, thereby allowing the clients to concentrate on more important tasks at hand.

Relocation services

Omnitrance also engages in connecting their clients to appropriate relocation services for its new employees while moving from a different state or country. We find services that can cater to international relocation needs specifically, and help arrange for the packing, shipping, and transportation of someone’s belongings for successful relocation anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.

Omnitrance is at the disposal of their clients in providing them with the needed services to help them evaluate, hire, and accommodate the right employees.