Consolidation Services

With the aim of translating savings to our valued clients, we have developed a cost-efficient way of using less than truckload (LTL) shipments from the distribution centres to the recipient.

We ensure that all shipments, regardless of size, will be treated with utmost caution and care by using uniform top-notch packaging and delivery methods.

Deliveries are scheduled with stringent timetables that leave no room for unwanted mishaps, thereby reducing the incidents of exorbitant and unwanted damage claims. These measures are in place to improve our service and reliability, and reiterate our time and cost efficacy.

With the online tracking system, our clients are equipped with the ability to track their orders, as it is being processed and delivered in real-time, thereby allowing them to know the expected date of delivery.

Why Choose Omnitrance Consolidation Services?

Efficient Inventory Control:

Our consolidation services wing uses historical order data, or requirement specifications, to chart out the most efficient way to connect the supplier and the customer. Consolidated shipments containers are built, ensuring that the materials reach the client’s dock directly from ours. The detailed sorting, and grouping algorithm used by us, eliminates the excess handling of delicate items, and in turn, improves the transit time, and eliminates the risk of damage, and by effect, unforeseen damage claims. This reduces the cost involved, drastically, and leans toward a just in time inventory control, the most efficient way to go about it, as the client saves considerably on warehousing costs as well.

Live Tracking and 24X7 Customer Support:

We, at Omnitrance, make it a point to keep the process extremely transparent. From the moment a client places an order, they can view the status of their shipment, starting from the origin, through each and every step, till the goods are delivered safely at the client’s doorstep. The estimated time of arrival is always known to the client, and this helps them plan their academic year well in advance, ensuring that all the required materials are in place, and ready for the coming academic year.

Near-zero Damages or Delays

Fluctuating demand, variable capacity, and speed-to-market requirements have always been a challenge in the consolidation services industry, but our experience of dealing with clients who run on a strict schedule, with varying requirements, has equipped us to deal with any form of contingency that may arise during freight. Our supply chain experts, coupled with the access to multiple modes of transport across the world, ensure minimum supple chain failures. In the rare case that an anomaly is spotted, our team is well-equipped to rectify it in the least time possible, with minimum effect on our clients.

The real expertise of Omnitrance shines through in the face of the rarity, that is a supply chain problem from our side. Our experts and executives will be in immediate, and constant touch with the client and the freight handler to reverse any damage done, and mitigate the delay, if any.