Technology Services

The go-to IT Experts

Omnitrance, Inc. offers a one stop solution for all your school related IT requirements. Omnitrance offers


  • Competitive pricing
  • Seamless and hassle-free global delivery
  • User-friendly interface for placing online orders

Omnitrance is authorized by leading technology brands such as Apple and Microsoft, a testament to the decade-long record of swift and efficient service.

Omnitrance has built their services into a well-oiled machine based on maintaining regular and responsive communications with their clients, and focusing on providing comprehensive IT solutions with exceptional client satisfaction.

Real-time tracking services

Omnitrance ensures that their clients are regularly updated with their order status at every stage with their single-click tracking services.

Omnitrance can help you streamline your IT processes by incorporating physical goods with digital ones, for a well-rounded approach while keeping customer satisfaction at its forefront.

Flawless execution is our goal

Omnitrance makes it a priority to guarantee flawless fruition. Constant updation of software and hardware solutions, makes sure that the team is always on top of the client’s requirements.

Omnitrance recognizes and values the importance of the client’s time, and thus prioritizes the timely delivery of their technology services.