Technology Services

Omnitrance, Inc. is the single source you need to distribute, produce and track all of your school-related IT needs. Omnitrance offers competitive pricing, seamless, global delivery, and an unparalleled online ordering process. They are authorized by leading technology brands such as Apple and Microsoft.

Omnitrance has built their services into a well-oiled machine based upon maintaining regular and responsive communications with their clients, and focusing on providing comprehensive IT solutions with exceptional client satisfaction.

Omnitrance has an outstanding delivery service, working with such well-known companies as UPS and FedEx. In this manner, they are able to deliver seamless, international, door-to-door delivery. With Omnitrance, all of your hardware supplies arrive before school starts so that you can be prepared from day one.


Real-time order updates

A particularly useful service that Omnitrance provides is that they make real-time order updates available online. That way, clients can track their latest orders, or order changes, the minute they make them with just a few clicks of a computer mouse. Omnitrance is ahead of the pack and on the cutting-edge of new information when it comes to current technology services

Take advantage of the experience Omnitrance brings to the forefront of technology services in education. They will create comprehensive, powerful system for any IT needs you may have, and stay on top of them to make sure they succeed.

Omnitrance can help you streamline your IT processes by incorporating physical goods with digital goods for a well-rounded approach that produces the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Flawless execution is our goal

Omnitrance works with the words “flawless execution” in mind. They make it a priority to know the software and hardware solutions required to keep their clients up and running.

Omnitrance is well aware of how important it is to customers that they get the service they need from an IT team, and to get what they need when they need it. Omnitrance is there to provide those technology services, immediately.

When it comes to providing technology services, Omnitrance is the company that makes sense of all of your IT needs.