Leadership Services

At Omnitrance Inc., we help our clients ready their students to become leaders in their fields after they finish school and head out into the real world. Our leadership guidance is something that our clients not only want, but need – personalized customer service in a unique, but necessary field.

Leadership Workshops For Students

In order to help our clients’ students develop dynamic leadership skills, we have partnered with a leading non-profit organization to provide 5-day leadership workshops that encompass the following:

Personal Development Training

Students will focus on the consideration of what values are most important in life. They also will write ‘Who am I?’ essays, based on their interpretations of these values.

Communication Skills

Students will perform mock interviews to strengthen their public speaking and communications skills. They will also communicate some of the highlights of their lives as a vehicle to improve communication abilities.

Mind-Management Programs

This class will have students practicing multi-tasking projects. They will also concentrate on focus and attention-oriented exercises.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Students will learn the importance of meditation and breathing exercises to help them keep calm in crisis situations.

Confidence Building Measures

To help build students’ confidence levels, students will give presentations on various topics. They will also work on activities about how to face and overccome their fears.

Skills for Global Competitiveness

Time constraint exercises will be practiced in this workshop, and students will also learn how to promote products in the marketplace to develop assertiveness.

Critical Leadership Qualities

Students will practice giving empowering speeches, and learn about networking. Part of the class will also include relationship-building activities.

Cultural Awareness Workshops

In this workshop, students will learn about the great leaders of the world and the qualities that made them so. They also will learn about problems that affect certain countries and demographics, and will discuss creative solutions to such problems.

Handling Group Dynamics

Students will learn how to work together to solve problems. They will jointly solve puzzles, and be timed against other groups of students to see who can finish similar projects the fastest.

Self-Discovery Lessons

During self-discovery lessons, students will be asked to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the leadership program, and work on incorporating them into their everyday lives.