HR Services For Schools

Omnitrance Solutions, Inc. offers human resources services to its clients. Their clients are schools who are often hiring administrators and educators. This type of applicant needs additional levels of review before being hired. When a client recruits a potential hire, Omnitrance can do background checks and other research for that client to make sure they have the right potential employee in their sights.

Omnitrance is the only company in its industry that offers this type of service.

Omnitrance has a clear understanding of the level of training and technical expertise that will be required to help companies achieve their employment objectives. They make a variety of cutting-edge programs and strategies available. Clients can take advantage of special services from Omnitrance to help recruit the appropriate staff for their particular institution.

Federal background checks

Clients can have Omnitrance run federal background checks on their potential hires. This adds a significant element of security when deciding whether or not to hire an employee. A federal background check for employment is a search of criminal history files for records of an applicant’s possible criminal history. Criminal record searches, especially for those in the education industry, are the basis of most employment background checks and are the most common of all searches requested.

Federal background checks are searched by name, as well as using other identifiers such as date of birth, social security number or driver’s license number. Reports usually include the potential hire’s name in any criminal case file, along with the file date, charges, disposition, disposition dates, and sentencing information. Omnitrance can retrieve this information and release the background check information to their clients.

Foreign degree credential evaluation

When a potential employee has a degree from a country that is not the country where they are applying for a job, Omnitrance can obtain a report verifying the credentials of the potential hire’s degree. As in education, when detailed evaluation of a possible employee’s academic performance is essential, Omnitrance can provide clients with the most important information necessary to make accurate employment decisions.

Visa processing services

Omnitrance also can help clients expedite the process of obtaining visas for personnel. We manage the entire visa application process from start to finish and keep the clients informed with personalized updates along the way. This helps release clients from becoming caught up in paperwork due to deadlines associated with visa applications, and lets them concentrate on more important projects.

Relocation services

Whether moving from state to state or country to country, Omnitrance can connect a client with the appropriate relocation services for its new employees, as necessary. We can find services that can cater to international relocation needs specifically, and help arrange for the packing, shipping, and transportation of someone’s belongings for successful relocation anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.

Whatever a client may need, Omnitrance is at the ready to help them evaluate, hire, and accommodate the right employees.