Consolidation Services

At Omnitrance Inc., we are a U.S.-based company that currently offers our consolidation services in the UK, China, and the UAE, while expanding our services to reach around the world. This allows us to combine smaller orders and deliver undamaged shipments to more than one location using just one container.

Consolidation of less than truckload (LTL) shipments sent from the shipper’s distribution centers to various receivers of goods creates a cost-effective system that translates to savings for our cherished clients. With Omnitrance ensconced in solid relationships with several consolidation services around the world, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that, despite receiving financial benefits through the use of alternative shipping methods for their smaller shipments, those goods will be treated with the same care that any of their clients’ larger orders would receive, including the use of the same top-notch packaging and delivery methods.

Inventory Control

Omnitrance’s consolidation services department uses specific data to oversee inventory control and piece count verification when building consolidated containers and making volume shipments to our clients. This process eliminates excessive handling of delicate shipments and improves transit time direct to a client’s docks. Deliveries are performed on schedule, which reduces the incidence of expensive and needless damage claims. The whole process saves time and money while improving service and reliability.

Customers can easily view the details of their order online and track it as it is being processed. This way they can follow the delivery process in real-time and know exactly when to be expecting their shipment. Their products can reach the proper schools and be in place before they open for the schoolyear. This alone is a reason to go with Omnitrance over other companies that do not provide this level of service.

Fluctuating demand, variable capacity, and speed-to-market requirements often challenge shippers to find freight consolidating services. Pooling like shipments together can help mitigate the effort and costs of meeting these varying demands. Omnitrance is a reputable forwarder with experience in multiple modes of transportation. This helps reduce unexpected supply chain failures and provides options in the event of a disruption in service.

Omnitrance Minimizes Miscues

As a consolidated services provider, Omnitrance distinguishes itself best not when everything is going well, but when things go wrong. If something gets damaged in shipping or other problems arise, Omnitrance is immediately on top of the situation, working to replace damaged items and resolve any other issues that might potentially arise in the fastest possible manner. The consolidation services that Omnitrance offers its clients come with a solid back-up strategy that allows them to minimize, and perhaps even eliminate, any bumps that may occur along the way.