About Us

Omnitrance Solutions, Inc. is a privately held, multi-national corporation, based in the U.S. We furnish and ship international school supplies, and provide the school-related IT fulfillment needs of global customers. Having been in business for five years, we have a proven track record of providing positive, personalized customer service, and have earned the trust of our clients by means of consistent positive effort.

Our long term vision is to become the preferred partner for all international schools in sourcing their annual school purchasing requirements.

We know the ins-and-outs

Omnitrance knows the ins-and-outs of our business and has excellent control over the unique challenges of each of the different regions we serve. We have a trained staff that will discuss your sourcing plans with you, confirm your desired time of delivery, contract paperwork, and place orders for execution. We will help you source the right product at the right price from the right vendor, and will pass our vendor and supplier discounts on to you.

Unique bundle of services

We offer a unique bundle of services, not likely to all be found within the same company anywhere else. Our human resources department offers classes and workshops to help the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow. In addition, our technology services are top-notch. We can track shipments and convey that information to our clients in real-time. We also can fulfill any student-related IT issues that may arise for any client.

Our ever-expanding consolidation services eliminate excessive handling of delicate shipments and improve transit time direct to a client’s dock. Our process saves time and money while improving service and predictability for our clients.

Our dedication to leadership has led us to develop a program of dynamic leadership classes and workshops for our clients’ students. By taking these classes, students develop the skills necessary to lead their country into the next generation.

An additional service we offer to our clients is our HR service. We can aid your hiring process by conducting the federal background checks, foreign degree evaluations, visa processing, and relocation services for all of your prospective employees.

Omnitrance’s commitment to excellence in all of our service areas makes us a cutting-edge company that’s sure to bring your organization to the next level.